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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Such a Surprise!! Note to Kindle and UrbanGal61

Sorry, I'm not off sulking somewhere, I fractured my hip, and I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow, the one that sent me home from the ED. Surgery right now is like a death sentence, which is why I haven't had my knees replaced. These surgeons in the Berkshires just don't want to kill me. Not good enough. I have one in Springfield that won't do it unless I have a pain specialist for life--there's a one-o\in-three chance it won't work, and I'll be in excruciating pain for the rest of my life. The surgeon that will do it if it doesn't ruin his statistics "{doesn't] want to hear about pain, " Screw him.
The other reason I'm bringing this up, is  UrbanGal61, I forgot a critical thing: If this surgeon decides on microsurgery with good odds, I need you to be on my HIPPA. I don't think I went into the details why laughing boy is off, and my husband will have me on machines til kingdom come--he's very Catholic, and we got married so we wouldn't have to go to church after, you know. I'm using my real psuedonym here like an idiot. But 4 times a day? If I knew that was the reason, ( no, we were madly, desperately, insanely in love for five years, but I thought we were getting married for a totally different reason.
In any case, you know me. My therapist--and I'll send an email to both of you to confirm--she'll have my "wishes" and I can get new blank HIPPA forms and fax it to you.
Sorry, LL (UrbanGal, she allows me to call her Kindle, which is such an appropriate nickname: She'll light a creative fire under your very soul, and so look at her blog. I have ltd. time sitting, and I've been wanting to reach you. Thanks for your email; it will make it easier. But I think I did get all your messages. In fact, I have a post on creativity, solitude, and self-entertainment that I hope I can put up tonight. I'm pulling down and deleting the video and article on Homeland Security that gives you a SPECIAL TRACKING COOKIE: HHS IS HARASSING ANYONE INVOLVED WITH BRADLEY MANNING'S LEGAL TEAM/ACTIVISTS WITH THESE COOKIES. Blog Catalog didn't post it, and either it's an error, or someone looked at it: I put a clear warning in big letters. The ACLU has the tracking cookie b/c it's on their page, but you have to watch the video on my blog: just coming to my blog is ok.
In any case, we all see that we are not posting monsters. I'll explain why I set this up at another time, but both of us would like you, Kindle, to have admin priveleges so you can post and delete what you like. It's not like 'ten posts a month or you are out!'; just look at the dates. UrbanGal is posting photos of her kids, but those kids are grown, so discretion: will have to explain elsewhere, b/c UrbanGal is a fraidy cat. She doesn't even want to talk in third person of things we used to do; I THINK that when they have kids, oh that's right, one of them does!!! They willl APPRECIATE IT. But I'll work on you later, UrbanGal.
Kindle, no rush, but after your road trip, if you want to post photos. I'll put up the necessary safeguards, and you can pick a different name here. No one steals from us; UrbanGal has her AK-47, and I have my beloved Ruger 44. Seriously, we can decide to close it to others. We can close areas that we don't want others to see.
Kindle, you missed our pervert! I'll explain in a later post. In any case, I'm not getting much work done, my browser doesn't have my userdata yet (new machine,) and I'm starting to drug myself, because my love is a Banshee 23/7 and it's hard to take, esp. when he's so damn good to me!
Later, Ladies....and Kindle, I will find that animal, if it isn't a star-nosed mole!

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