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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Think about this:

In O Magazine, under Donna Brazile's "the donna files", she writes of a conversation she had with Wilma Mankiller, once, Principal Chief of the Cherokee nation. She told her how when there is a storm coming, cows run away from the storm while the buffalo runs toward it and gets over it quicker. Now when Ms. Brazile is confronted with a difficult situation, she becomes the buffalo. After reading this, Ive decided that next time I'm asked what animal best describes me, I'll no longer say the horse. I've been living as the buffalo.


scribadiva said...

Now THAT'S a life! Although you have a grace that befits a horse, but honestly, their brains are the size of peas, and that is NOT you.
But a buffalo will do.
Of course, it's considered insane to run towards fire, etc. but for every bruise, there's a victory!

Lynda Lehmann said...

I'll let you know when and IF I can decide which I am, and which course of action seems more rational to me.

Is there an animal that represents "fence-sitter?" lol....

Urban Gal said...

Another L Lady with humor, that's a good sign.

Healing Morning said...

I love this thought! My ancestry is half-Irish and half-Cherokee, so I grew up hearing these snippets of wisdom. At some point in my young life, I recognized the strong wisdom of running into the storm and addressing it head-on. It's so much quicker and in its own way, cathartic.

Scribadiva, your post brought me here and I will return to begin to browse through all the archives and meet all the wonderful contributors. Well met!

~ Dawn